[RFI] Noisy transmitters...somewhat long...

donovanf at starpower.net donovanf at starpower.net
Tue Sep 23 23:10:23 EDT 2014

I have used all manner of transceivers in my multi-multi station over 
the last forty years. Including several each of the following: 
- Collins S-line 
- Drake C-line 
- Drake TR-7 
- TS-830 
- TS-930 
- TS-940 
- TS-950 
- FT-1000 
- FT-1000MP 
- TenTec Orion 
- K3 
- FTdx5000 

The cleanest by far is the K3. The dirtiest by far is the FTdx5000. 
The FTdx5000 is so dirty that its essential to install a bandpass 
filter on the output of the transceiver, otherwise strong transmitted 
noise is heard on many other bands. The bandpass filter completely 
cleans up the problem. 


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