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If you're interested in this Spectrum Analyzer you can check a review on Kenneth Wyatt's EDN Blog:


While interesting he prefered TTI or Rigol Spectrun Analysers.

Ken is an EMC Consultant who has excellent as well a practical application notes and reviews on the blog as well as his website:


Here is his report on a visit to ARRL Headquarters. Note that they discuss interference from the grow lights:


If you want to experiment with a USB Spectrum Analyzer I'd get one of these $20 DVB-T USB receiver sticks:


and use it with the free evaluation version of Touchstone software:


The DVB-T doesn't cover HF, the rtl2832 starts at 24Mhx, but the price is right.

There is lot's of good information on Ken's site.

Mike N2MS

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I think -110 dBm sensitivity is marginal for RFI detective work, especially 
while working with low gain loops when trying to localize switch-mode 
interference.   Some of the loop preamps I've used produce much more 
gain/noise than signal.  For the money, I would look at one of the new, 
compact SDR receivers that contain a basic spectrum analyzer function. 
These will measure a -140 dBm noise floor.  Of course, you don't have the 
ability to change resolution bandwidth as one would have with a true 
spectrum analyzer but that's perfectly adequate for RFI work.

Paul, W9AC

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