[RFI] Anyone ID the cause of this rain-initiated RFI?

David Robbins k1ttt at arrl.net
Thu Apr 2 17:21:11 EDT 2015

Probably an insulator arcing... though it could be anything electrical that
got some water in it.  track it quick because it may go away as soon as it
dries out, then will be back next time it rains.

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It's been generally RFI-quiet here ...

Just got 0.16" of sudden downpour a little earlier and came inside.

Turned on the rig and from 550kHz - 14+mHz I heard this in AM mode:


I did not hear it on 17m or higher on my IC-7200 using the ZeroFive 43'

Anyone recognize the sound's likely source, please?

Thanks - David KD4E


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