[RFI] New Kenmore Elite 72483 is RF-Quiet

Christopher E. Brown cbrown at woods.net
Mon Dec 7 16:03:10 EST 2015

On that note...

After figyhting RFI on multiple washer/dryer sets (adding filters, re-routing VFD cables,
etc) I was finally able to find what I was looking for all along.

SpeedQueen washer/dryer sets are still made.

While they have VFD type and non VFD with electronic controls, they still have one model
of dryer and one model of washer that are pure old-school electromechanical.  Straight
timers/switches on the dryer, and same on washer with a classic pressure-column water
depth regulator.

They are not available via big-box stores, or in any show-room but 2 of the local
suppliers that deal with commercial/apartment/etc markets stocked them.

No switchers or electronic controls at all.  (On the electromechanical models only, they
make 30+ models with full electronic controls as well).

On 12/7/2015 6:56 AM, Hare, Ed  W1RFI wrote:
> This is one of the rare cases where a ham tell us that a particular device has no
> interference. :-)  One down, 10 million models of electronics stuff to go. :-)
> Ed
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> [RFI] New Kenmore Elite 72483 is RF-Quiet
> We just installed our new Kenmore Eleite 74283 refrigerator made by LG. I'm happy to
> report that it is RF-quiet. I can detect no RFI on any band. The closest antenna is my
> 160 m shunt-fed tower (about 60 ft away) and I can't tell the difference when the
> breaker that feeds the circuit to the refrigerator is on or off.
> Kim N5OP

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