[RFI] Laser Christmas Lights

Karin Johnson karinann at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Dec 11 17:43:36 EST 2015

Does anyone on the list have an audio recording of what the Laser Christmas
Lights sound like?
I have two suspicious pulsed type broadband interference signals on 40
One is about 40 kHz wide the other is about 8 kHz wide.  Each on a different
center frequency
Both pulsed sounding like a pulsed buzz saw.  Distinctly different
Both of these signals seem to turn on around sunset locally here. 
I don't hear them during the daylight hours.
I have a National HFDF loop on order and until I get it I really can't track
it down if it is local here. 
I did a walk around about two days ago and there are three of these light
in my immediate neighborhood and couldn't really detect the same type of
audio on my TecSun PL-660.  But that doesn't mean that there might be others
at a farther
distance from my home.  The dipole I have up hears better than the portable
with its internal antenna.  

Karin Anne Johnson  K3UU
Palm Harbor, FL 

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