[RFI] Chasing RFI on 6M

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Hi Jim,

I use a National RF, Inc directional loop.



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I have a 10db increase in noise on 6 meters to the east as compared to my
west. This obviously isn't good when trying to work EU terrestrially or via
EME at moonrise. I have already completed a full house power down test with
no change noted.

I have the bits needed for a portable bandscope and a Tecsun PL-660 to
employ in a 6M RFI hunt but I'd like some suggestions for a directional 6m
antenna. My initial attempt at locating the source will be from my car as it
is easier to carry all the stuff for the band scope in particular vs
walking. I figure once I get closer the PL660 will be my walkabout device.
It may also be useful by itself with a directional antenna.

I'm not sure on 6m a yagi would be useful due to the size so I wonder what
others use? Perhaps a loop? Although bidirectional I could still triangulate
on the source.

I know the suggested bands for finding power line noise are higher up and
the Tecsun will help but for now I'd like to start where I know I have the
problem, i.e. 6m. I don't have 2m capability here in the shack or on my


jim ab3cv
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