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Mike Martin mike at rfiservices.com
Sat Mar 14 23:08:02 EDT 2015

If you haven't made changes in your shack its unlikely the cause is bonding on your equipment. However it is likely to have a rectified power line noise accuring on only the positive half cycle. Can you send me a wave file if your noise, I'd like to hear and analyze it.

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Jim Brown <jim at audiosystemsgroup.com> wrote:

>On Sat,3/14/2015 3:19 PM, Kenneth G. Gordon wrote:
>> Today, I connected the audio output of my transceiver, a Yaesu FT-890,
>> set to AM-wide, tuned to 3580 KHz, into my computer and fired up
>> Spectran.
>> Spectran is exhibiting a very wide-band series of peaks in the noise
>> which appear to be multiples of 60 Hz.
>You are seeing harmonics of the AC power line. This is an indication of 
>improper bonding of your equipment. Study 
>http://k9yc.com/GroundingAndAudio.pdf The simple rules are: 1) Get power 
>from everything in your station from the same AC outlet, or outlets in 
>the same backbox, or from outlets whose Green wires are bonded together; 
>2) Bond from chassis to chassis of every piece of equipment that is 
>interconnected by short, fat copper; 3) Bond from your TX chassis to all 
>the other grounds in your home.
>73, Jim K9YC
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