[RFI] RFI in CyberPower 1400VA / 840Watts UPS

Randy Farmer w8fn at tx.rr.com
Sat Mar 21 18:06:14 EDT 2015

I don't recall the model number, but I flat blew up a CyberPower UPS of 
similar rating a couple of years ago. I never heard any RFI from it but 
the first time I fired up the 500W amplifier on 12 meters it gave a 
"crack" sound and spewed a small shower of sparks from somewhere inside. 
It never worked again. I replaced it with an APC model that's worked 
fine ever since.

Randy, W8FN

On 3/21/2015 11:22 AM, Steve Sacco NN4X wrote:
> I wanted to let folks know that I've found that the CyberPower 1400VA 
> / 840Watts Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS is an RFI generator.
> I have twin strong signals space 1 kHz apart, occurring every 35 kHz 
> on the bottom end of 6M.  They also show up on 160M.
> Back to Costco it goes.
> 73,
> Steve
> NN4X
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