[RFI] FW: U-verse - Any Recent Experience?

Joe Wolfe w7rkn.7 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 18:15:37 EDT 2015

I have U-verse and experience no RFI issues with it.  My 'modem' is right
next to my radio.  However, I do not have VoIP telephone service, only TV
and internet.  That might make a difference.  Dunno.

Joe - W7RKN

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Subject: [RFI] U-verse - Any Recent Experience?

When U-verse was first rolled out there were all sorts of RFI problems. The
modems generated RFI and were impacted by RF from nearby transmitters. Does
anyone have any recent experience with U-verse? Have things gotten better? I
am currently on AT&T DSL and would consider switching to U-verse if the RFI
problems have been solved. I'd only need it to replace my current DSL, not
for the phone or TV. AT&T is really the only internet option here in the

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