[RFI] RFI - GE Profile Gas Range - Model PGS920SEF1SS

Paul Christensen w9ac at arrl.net
Mon May 11 17:53:21 EDT 2015

Fred raises an excellent point.  I think it's of more value to have a
database of company contact information than in knowing what appliance
models do or don't generate RFI.  Models come and go so quickly, that I
would rather have an on-line list of current direct contact information with
a company's technical department, especially the major appliance

I'm referring to direct contact information that bypasses customer service.
If companies produce EMC-generating product, their designers deserve to be
bothered by customers.   A continuously updated contact database would be a
very worthwhile service of the ARRL.

Paul, W9AC

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Hello, All.  

To begin let everyone know, that doesn't already know, that I am NOT a
technical guy.  I thought I could avoid RFI problems with a new range by
going with gas instead of electric but the control panel on the gas range is
putting out lots of noise.  With the help of a local ham we identified it as
the noise source using an MFJ-852 Line Noise Meter.  Confirmed by shutting
off circuit breaker to the range and the noise disappeared.

I have searched the reflector archives (gas, range, rfi-gas range, etc.) and
have found nothing on this.  Nothing found on the Google.  The noise is
present from the 40m band up through the 10m band.  The spikes show and move
on the Pro III display. 

Range is under warranty so I can't just go in and start adding toroids, etc.
Have any of you had this problem with this range?  An RFI problem with a GE
product?  If so, who at GE did you contact?  If not, can someone suggest a
course of action in finding out who at GE might handle such a problem?  And,
how best to state the problem to them?  That GE might simply, ahem, turn a
deaf ear to my complaint does not seem unlikely. 

Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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