[RFI] RFI - GE Profile Gas Range - Model PGS920SEF1SS

CR ka5s at earthlink.net
Tue May 12 03:01:22 EDT 2015

On 5/11/2015 5:41 PM, Fred - NA2U wrote:
> Range is under warranty so I can't just go in and start adding toroids, etc.  Have any of you had this problem with this range?  An RFI problem with a GE product?  If so, who at GE did you contact?  If not, can someone suggest a course of action

GE could already have a fix -- but first tell them.

One way to get their attention could be inform the place you bought it 
that, unless the problem is fixed, you mean to return the range for a 
full refund, as it is unlawful to operate it and interfere with radio 
reception, which makes it unsuitable for the purpose sold. 

Be sure to copy the GE district or national offices, the ARRL RFI lab, 
and the FCC.   The Commission likes people to deal with sources 
themselves, but keep them informed.

I am NOT a lawyer and you may find one useful; ARRL volunteer legal 
assistance may be available.

In a pinch, you might donate it to the good folks at Fort Huachuca, 
where the interference will probably become public news. (PLEASE don't!)

Cortland Richmond
(semi) retired from EMC Engineering

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