[RFI] Line filters for VHF?

Gary K9GS garyk9gs at wi.rr.com
Wed May 20 15:36:00 EDT 2015

Hi Paul

I've always had good luck quieting switching supply AC line RFI using the CorCom type filters.  Always HF but there are different models available. 

You may even be able to find one that solders directly into the power supply PCB.

Something like this:


Gary K9GS

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</div>I have been wondering about this for a while. AC line filters for HF 
are everywhere. Most are characterized up to 30 MHz. Are there some 
that work well at 147 MHz? I got tired of digging through data 
sheets as they all seemed to be for HF.

At the moment I'm trying to stop RFI from a computer. When "sniffed" 
with a detector the case seems quiet but the AC power cord certainly 
is not. The first three Fair-Rite 0443164251 snap on cores helped 
but adding more after that didn't. The line cord and associated 
wiring in the building is still radiating noise.


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