[RFI] Lightning Arresters

Mike Martin mike at rfiservices.com
Sat May 23 18:49:33 EDT 2015

Not exactly, that is more the indication that the U-S can't detect the source for anyone of many reasons. I'm not implying it can't be a LA.
The sensitivity of that unit is a big factor and since you're dealing with line of site it possible the source isn't detected because it can't see it. The freq your using is a good frequency to use but make sure its your source and not just a source.

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Jimk8mr--- via RFI <rfi at contesting.com> wrote:

>I've located a bad pole by RF DFing at 432 MHz. It has, however, no  
>detectable noise using a W1TRC ultrasonic receiver. Is this a  likely indication 
>of a bad lightning arrester?
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