[RFI] RFI @ VHF Line Filters

Roger (K8RI) k8ri at rogerhalstead.com
Sat May 23 23:32:28 EDT 2015

On 5/21/2015 8:45 AM, Tom Lizak wrote:
> Paul/N1BUG,

What make and model PS?

I view changing models, makes, and sizes with a bit of worry so if 
planning a change I purchase one and give it a thorough workout.  In all 
these years, I've only had two fail and no ingress or egress from any.  
It's been a long time so I do not remember the make and model of either 
PS that failed. They just quit working.  All have had internal line 
filters from the factory.

Currently I have 3 computers with 850 W Corsair modular power supplies. 
A 4th is nearing completion. My wife's computer makes 5, but I don't 
remember what's in it.  Once I set hers up and get it working, I do not 
touch it again unless she asks for help<:-)) With computers, modular 
means the cables plug into the PS, so you only have the wiring you need, 
rather than the way we'd use the term.

One computer in the den is about 5' from the rig (FT5000MP and legal 
limit amp) with an 8 port gigabit network managed switch about 2' from 
the rig. Router (dual band wireless and 4 port CAT-5) and Modem are very 
close to the rig.  The CAT-5 runs with the interconnecting lines for the 
station.  There is no detectable ingress, or egress.

The two computers in the shop are about 3 to 5' from the rigs, again 
with no detectable ingress or egress.
My wife's computer is connected into the network via wireless.

I HOPE to get the computers in the shop on wireless soon as that CAT-5 
is not good with thunder storms around.

That wired network is an easy way for lightening to get into the rigs.  
I plan on making the SO2R system as well as 144 and 440 remotely 
accessible via the internet for when I'm on the road.  I "might" even 
get it done.


Roger (K8RI)

> I found that replacing the AC connector of the computer p/s with a CorCom
> 6EF1 line filter works getting rid of the RFI/hash from the switching p/s
> which is most likely the problem. They are the solder type I believe and fit
> right into the AC socket hole of the computer p/s.  Took out all the RFI in
> the HF/6m bands !
> Tom/k1tl...
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