[RFI] 160m & 80m RFI issues requesting ideas for ANC4 sense antenna to cancell out local noise

WX5L wx5l at charter.net
Sun Nov 1 13:02:59 EST 2015

Hello Don,

I have been reading your thread regarding your RFI and the ANC-4 noise cancelling unit with all the sensing antenna issues.

May I suggest that you devote your time, efforts and dollars into locating the source. Since you have an idea where it is will help a lot.  It's like getting rid of an ache instead of covering it up with pain medication. 

The MFJ-852 with the small beam is a good tool to use. 

Does your noise sound like random arcing noise, like line noise from the power poles or is a repetitive man-made type that would come from a device in a home?


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