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Outstanding suggestion!!Gary. ..wa6fgi 

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: Twisted pair of appropriate conductor size is at least as good at
: rejecting RFI, and a LOT cheaper. Buy black and white stranded at the
: big box store and twist it in a drill. Fits nicely in Power Poles.

I used 10 AWG neoprene covered power cord in one installation, bought in 
bulk off a roll from an electrical supply house.  You can also get it at 
Lowe's or Home Depot and many hardware stores.  Good for hot and cold 
conditions, impervious to gasoline and any solvents I'd have under the hood 
and the conductors are twisted within the sheath with two poly ropes to 
prevent stretch and add strength.  You can also get three and four conductor 
neoprene covered cable in various gauges in case you have the need to power 
more devices.

I used it again in another installation, a much more compact vehicle I 
wouldn't have regular access to for inspection and in critical areas, such 
as through the firewall and alongside the engine to the battery, I passed 
the harness through 1/2" PEX tubing and held it in place with steel clamps 
and locking hardware.


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