[RFI] Auto quieting

CR ka5s at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 11 12:52:28 EDT 2015

On 10/11/2015 8:51 AM, Howard Lester wrote:
> What am I missing here? Zip line is not coaxial; it is "balanced" line and
> requires a transmatch. With a simple transmatch you get the SWR down to 1:1
> and you're all set.   ?

Paralleled Zipcord could give a good match. However, an antenna 
tuner/transmatch (e.g: 
http://www.zgitaly.it/italiano/area.asp?sez=5&id=32) doesn't compensate 
for loss in the feed line.

Loss in the feedline can also reduce SWR due to mismatch _*at the 
load*_.  100 feet of RG58 *[at 146 MHz]* has an SWR no worse than 1.7:1 
no matter WHAT it is connected to, shorted or open; half the power is 
lost traveling outward, and half the  reflected power is lost coming 
back. http://www.hamradio.me/antennas/swr-vs-return-loss.html

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