[RFI] RF into home alarm system

Mike Ryan mryan001 at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Oct 19 00:05:26 EDT 2015

I had a very bad problem here with a WIRED system about 10 years ago. What I 
did to cure it was to put .01 mfd caps with a leg to ground at ends of the 
sensor wires where they fed into the alarm panel. BUT...also on the leads at 
the KEYPADS inside the garage and the one at the front door of the house. 
Problem was solved here after that. Good luck.  - Mike

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Can't he break-up the wires using various techniques?

Or add some filters.

Or both?

I don't like wireless for indoor cameras, for obvious
reasons, but otherwise it sure is easier to install wireless.

David KD4E
> I know you may not want to hear this - but with a WIRED system and your
> antennas close at 1.5 KW - you are asking for trouble - that wired system 
> is
> a huge antenna.
> Wireless detectors are the only way to make sure you have a fighting 
> chance.
> I have 31 wireless doors, windows, motion, heat detect, fire detect, etc.
> here at K3LR - no problems with RFI falsing what-so-ever.
> 73,
> Tim K3LR


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