[RFI] 1 of 31 re: Using an SDR to locate RFI

Dave Cole dave at nk7z.net
Mon Dec 12 13:45:39 EST 2016

I am getting an SDRPlay setup in a portable box, using a Laptop, and a 
long wire...

That way I can set it anyplace I need.  Also, when I use it portable in 
the car, I just set the box up on the passenger seat, open it, then open 
the laptop, and connect it to my mobile antenna...

I get a working SDR that can be used in any number of ways...  It does 
not mount on your dash however...  :)

73s and thanks,

On 12/12/2016 10:06 AM, Frank N. Haas KB4T wrote:
> It's time for some additional detail:

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