[RFI] desktop mini PC

Barry Merrill w5gn at mxg.com
Mon Dec 12 15:04:38 EST 2016

I've been using a small Toshiba Satellite L15W-B with a second story
radio shack, and historic RFI problems, all of which have been due
to close proximity of wire antennas and the entry has been via the
LAN cables (our "software ranchette" has 10 computers for business)
and all RFI has been conquered with ferrite cores on the LAN cables,
on at the computer for short length cables, one at each end for the 
50 foot runs.

No problem with RFI with the Satellite.

I use it closed with an external Rosewill keyboard and large monitor; 
you will have to make the external monitor the primary display to be 
able to use it's resolution.  If you just connect and Clone, you'll 
be limited by the resolution of the small screen.


Barry, W5GN

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anyone using desktop mini PC for radio use?

Any RFI problem?

A model or brand to recommend?


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