[RFI] Solar Panel Issues

Tom Lizak k1tl at cox.net
Wed Dec 21 13:38:14 EST 2016

Hey gang,


My next door neighbor just had a bunch of solar panels installed.  The crew
left after the panels were installed.  They apparently are hooked up
together but not to the "grid" yet.  I am now getting  S6 trash noise on the
entire 6m band and have the infamous 50.098MHz "birdie" from the SMPS that
are with the optimizers.


I asked the neighbor to let me know when the solar representative came over
so I can talk to him about possible RFI issues...she failed to do t hat.


She did give me the phone number of the sales rep and I explained the
possibility of RFI issues. He said that he would contact the company who
provides the installation of the solar panels (not the installers).  So far,
nothing...I have a feeling that this will be put into the "circular file".


If nothing in the next week or so, I will give ARRL an e-mail and hope to
get the FCC involved if the company does nothing about this.


Ham buddy up the street had solar panels installed and he went to the
lengths of installing ferrite cores/beads and an AC  line filter to combat
the RFI problems...he is RF quiet.  He had advice from K1KP who also
installed  solar panels.


Presently, I only operate 30m and 6m...the 6m band may be a real big issue
this coming summer Es season.  


There is also a house about 1200 feet away, NE from my QTH, that has solar
panels and when active, causes an S6  band noise and has the same "bridie"
on 50.098.  This house is to the NE of me and the next door neighbor is to
the S (200') of the tower.  The RFI issues from the South started yesterday
afternoon once all the panels were hooked up.  Beaming to the NE, the 50.098
birdie is noticeable but seems to be more active when first starting up in
the AM.  You can actually hear the SMPS switching...almost like CW.


I do not know what solar company she used but believe they are from New
Jersey and have local sales reps which I will call again today.






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