[RFI] computer screen rfi

kostas sv1dpi sv1dpi at otenet.gr
Fri Dec 23 12:42:42 EST 2016

I used to have RFI problems with old CRT screens but I have never seen 
an RFI problem with LCD screens. I was suspected the screen' PS but it 
is strange not to have a problem and only when I run a piece of software 
to have RFI.

Yes I have read a hundred of times Jim's RFI tutorial and this is really 

But I need to find first where is the problem and I will find the 
solution with RF chokes to solve it.

The common sense says that Cortland who speaks for a problem in 
computer's internet access hit the nail! I couldn't see that and this 
the next thing I will try...

I will inform you when I find it. I hope to do it in my next visit after 
the Christmas day...

Tnx to all for the answers. Merry Christmas to everyone with peace and 

73 Kostas SV1DPI

On 23/12/2016 17:01, Robert Nobis wrote:
> Kostas,
> Do you have a screen shot showing the noise you see?
> 73,
> Bob Nobis
> n7rjn at nobis.net <mailto:n7rjn at nobis.net>
>> On Dec 23, 2016, at 00:39, Kostas SV1DPI <sv1dpi at otenet.gr 
>> <mailto:sv1dpi at otenet.gr>> wrote:
>> Hello to all and Merry Christmas
>> We have a problem in my club's station. When I turn on the computer's 
>> screen everything is ok in our Kenwood 950. When I run VE7CC's 
>> cluster program I can see 3 s-units noise. I thought that it was 
>> because of the white colour but this does not happen if I open 
>> painting which has also a white colour as background. Any ideas where 
>> is the problem?
>> ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI
>>  (One of SZ1A-EP6T)
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