[RFI] Using an SDR to locate RFI

Dave Cole dave at nk7z.net
Sun Dec 25 08:48:24 EST 2016

Look who is talking...

Your contributions are always spot on Jim!  THANK YOU for all of your 
work!  It has helped me immensely over the years.

73s and thanks,

On 12/24/2016 06:23 PM, Jim Brown wrote:
> On Sat,12/24/2016 6:16 PM, Frank N. Haas KB4T wrote:
>> All of you who
>> contribute positive advice, technically accurate advice and specific
>> relevant solutions do so to an appreciative and grateful audience.
> Your contributions are always appreciated here. Many thanks.
> BTW -- I suspect that your special use could be accommodated by the
> programmer of software if he/she knew about it. I suggest that you
> contact the authors of the various programs and ask.
> 73, Jim K9YC
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