[RFI] cops zero in on noisy grow light ballasts

John Brosnahan W0UN shr at swtexas.net
Sat Jan 16 19:46:47 EST 2016


RE:    ARRL and National Association for Amateur Radio

I understand your concern about confusion with the name, but I would 
only question the capital letters,
because the name American Radio Relay League is a bit quaint.  When I 
was first license in 1959 it did not
seem to be all that relevant to the actual role of the national 
organization, even though I even made BPL once.
While traffic WAS relayed at the time, it was such a small percentage of 
what hams do and needed in a national
organization, that the name seemed inadequate at best.  And certainly 
difficult to explain to non-hams.

In 2016 the name is even less relevant to what the role of the national 
organization is now about.
While I am a traditionalist in many senses of the word, I would not be 
against the ARRL changing their name
to better reflect what it is they are and what they do.

Just google "National Association for Amateur Radio" and you will see it 
reference the ARRL and used to
explain what the ARRL actually is not only on social media but by the 
ARRL itself.

2 cents worth.

73  John W0UN

On 1/15/2016 8:27 PM, Joe Wolfe wrote:
> Least the article could have done, is get their facts straight, I mean, the
> author is supposed to be a law enforcement officer.
> "National Association for Amateur Radio"  Who the heck is that?  I guess he
> means the ARRL.
> I know! I know!
> The gist of the story is the RFI we have been dealing with, is now being
> used by the police to find illegal grows, which, once word gets out, could
> be a big boon to us...HEH, the farms will shut down and in the end, quiet
> radio returns to our communities!
> Joe - W7RKN
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> Old story but only heard about it today:
> http://www.policeone.com/drug-interdiction-narcotics/articles/8224280-How-co
> ps-are-catching-grow-ops-with-AM-radios
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