[RFI] Finding house noise sources

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Thanks for the pointer. That's a good idea and one I'll do albeit 
dang it's cold here to turn the furnace off.




> When hunting an inside noise, with the noise
> active, if it's safe turn off the circuits not
> associated with the noise source. This will reduce
> the amount of noise distributed on to the circuits
> that aren't the source circuit. It will still
> radiate on the neutral and ground but at a lower
> level.
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> > So how might I best localize a source of
> internal house RFI when 
> > nothing is plugged in? Is there something like a
> stud finder that will 
> > allow me to follow the path of wiring behind
> walls?
> yes there is...
> https://www.google.com/#q=circuit+tracer
> usually you turn the breaker off, plug in one of
> the units to an outlet on the circuit and that
> puts a signal on the wire that you can trace.  
> effective ranges vary, some work on hot circuits
> some are better on dead ones.  I have only limited
> experience but prefer the dead circuit method as
> the signal 'should' stop at the breaker in the box
> and not carry over to other circuits.
> the obvious questions are, what kind of bulb is in
> that overhead light?  and, is it on a dimmer?
> other bad possibilities could be a dying switch or
> socket that is arcing.  I have even seen
> incandescent lights generate noise, a small gap in
> the filament can arc for quite a while before the
> bulb completely dies.  taking out the switch from
> the box to check for wires heading somewhere other
> than to the light might point to hidden loads...
> doing the same for the outlets might be useful
> also.
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