[RFI] Finding house noise sources

Gary Smith Gary at ka1j.com
Wed Jan 20 01:03:27 EST 2016

Scary indeed, the Visitor from Planet X... FWIW, I haven't found 
anything toasted so far. Have much yet to uncover though. Have two 
cans of deoxit ready to do battle with every plug and switch in the 

Bring em' on.



> : My father had the house built in 1969 and he had RFI issues back in
> : the day with it, I find parallel resistor & mica pairs all over the
> : place.
> Imagine a nice broadband noise generator with a cracked resistor with a 
> capacitor across it and wires on either side as the antenna!  Now THAT is 
> scary!
> Kurt 
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