[RFI] can a tower re-radiate RFI?

WW3S ww3s at zoominternet.net
Sun Jan 24 10:43:35 EST 2016

I fairly confident my RF and audio bonding/grounding in the shack and at the tower are ok, I use SPG at the shack, everything grounded to the same cooper buss bar, and then run directly to a ground rod immediately outside the basement shack in the front of the home. The tower is in the rear of the garage/yard, and grounded separately. The two separate grounds are NOT interconnected.  All the utilities in our subdivision are buried. I want to rule out my house before I start a witchhunt, and I’m not certain the AC in my house is up to specs.......I have a couple of branch circuits constantly blowing incandescent bulbs, not sure why, last year our prelit Christmas tree (on one of those circuits) blew every bulb, one string at a time....and now I’ve discovered I have a dead circuit in the garage, even though the breaker is on.....so its back this afternoon to searching each circuit at a time, not sure exactly what I’m looking for.....there’s a chance its not in my home, but I need to rule that out before I go further......this is new, at least since last 160/80 “season”  and the dead outlets in the garage seem “new” also, and the garage is closest to the tower, so maybe thats a safe bet, but walking throught the garage with the portable doesnt pick up any buzz....

> On 1/24/2016 1:31:57 AM, Jim Brown (jim at audiosystemsgroup.com) wrote:
> > On Thu,1/21/2016 3:17 PM, WW3S wrote:
> > And can it be prevented? Trying to track down a loud “buzz” on 160/80
> Fundamental physics -- ANY conductor that carries an RF current WILL 
> radiate it. And any conductor that sees an radio wave will receive it -- 
> that is, the radio wave produces current. This is simple antenna action, 
> and the conductor is antenna. Antennas re-radiate signals all the time. 
> So do the "ground" wires that come down wooden poles that support 
> telephone and power lines. I regularly use a VHF/UHF talkie with a 
> wideband RX to poke around for RFI. Below 10 MHz, it uses a loopstick 
> antenna in it's base. One of the places I look for noise is on those 
> "ground" wires. On a good pole, I hear radio stations instead of noise. 
> One day poking around in my neighborhood, I heard N7DD pounding in on 
> that "ground wire."
> In the words of the late Neil Muncy, ex-W3WJE who identified the Pin One 
> Problem in 1994, "you say 'ground wire, or speaker wire or mic cable,' 
> but Mother Nature says ANTENNA!"
> As to your problem -- I strongly urge you to get serious about grounding 
> and BONDING in your station. Study 
> http://k9yc.com/GroundingAndAudio.pdf  and carefully

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