[RFI] UVerse WAP VEN501-AT Interference

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I posted a while back on "RFI" about my problems with Prism TV's CISCO wireless set-top box emitting RF for 25-30 ft away wiping out AM reception and my garage door openers.  

The signal noise was from the "wireless" box itself as it's supposed to emit RF.   RFI filtering had no effect on the RFI.  So I had them removed from the house and installed cat 5/6 to all TVs.

Here's a link to RFI archives for the post:

73, de ed -K0iL

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A few months ago, I had the uVerse equipment changed to a new modem and two
new wireless TV boxes that interface with the subject unit. They also
replaced the aging coax cable with CAT5 cable to the new modem which drives
the TV set top boxes.   Immediately I noticed that my transmitting no
longer caused the uVerse equipment into reset.  My bride could watch the TV
while I pursued my hobby with no interference to the TV. Goodness.

In the last two weeks while chasing VP8STI, my panadapter, which I had not
used since the new equipment was installed, showed single frequency
interference on many bands and in many places on the band. They appear to
be like spurs.  On 20m, the spacing was about 14000 Mhz, 14030, 140060,
14090. There is something similar on the higher bands.  I could see nothing
on 40m and only one spur on 30m at 10115.  Signal level is at S5.  It is
not a noise hump like a wall wart.

Investigation points to the above WAP unit in that when it is unplugged,
the signals disappear.  I have put a toroid core on the power lead to the
WAP with no effect.  Equipment here is a K3 with LP-PAN2 and I can provide
pictures if that would help.  I have confirmed the signal using another rig
that is battery powered with the shack power supply and shack computer OFF.

Before I try to explain to the good folk at ATT what RFI is,I'm wondering
if anyone else has experienced something like this.  I've googled the
VEN501-AT and while there is a lot of chatter about it, I've not found
anyone having RFI problems like I have.

Is there something in my station that could be causing the problem?  I've
run out of ideas.


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