[RFI] Solar Power RFI

charlie at thegallos.com charlie at thegallos.com
Fri Jan 29 11:52:10 EST 2016

Hey Gang,
The XYL is on a solar power kick, and we are currently in talks with a
solar power company

The paperwork they provide claims the inverter is Part 15B compliant -
that said, I know there are a lot of legal clauses in the part that exempt
a lot of things

IF you were sitting there with a contract in front of you, what would you
write in to make SURE the system is "clean".  Lets face it, when you are
dealing with contracts, you can do things like Will Meet Part 15B noise
limits, and put in that the exemption paragraph does not apply etc - aka
actually make them stick to the numbers

If they are not willing to sign, that's fine, the XYL is willing to walk
away from the project, as am I (In fact, I'd rather we walk away)

Any advise please
73 de KG2V

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