[RFI] Mobile phone expansion could disrupt key weather satellites

mstangelo at comcast.net mstangelo at comcast.net
Thu Jul 14 13:37:09 EDT 2016

Microwave spectrum is valuable today. Does Falcone still own rights to that 1.6Ghz spectrum? Is so he won't give it up without compensation.

It is a good thing that the HF bands are not used for communications today except as a backup. There would probably be pressure to give up some of our specturum.

Mike N2MS

> On Jul 14, 2016, at 8:55 AM, EDWARDS, EDDIE J <eedwards at oppd.com> wrote:
> Reston, Virginia, seems to be the home of bad technology ideas for RF Interference:
> 1. Nextel iDEN on interlaced 800MHz SMR channels interfering with public safety users.
> 2. LightSquard (Philip Falcone) on L-band interfering with GPS satellites.
> 3. Now Falcone rebrands failed LightSquared into Ligado Networks to wipe out weather satellites.
> Some folks just cannot learn from past mistakes.  
> 73, de ed -K0iL

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