[RFI] Flourescent lighting

Stephanie WX3K wx3k at ptd.net
Sat Jul 30 13:29:36 EDT 2016

I have a number of local businesses that have VERY noisy indoor 
flouescent lighting fixtures. The noise propagates very well on 50 MHz. 
I have one business that I have visited on numerous occassions that I 
verify there is one string of lighting in their store that completely 
obliterates 6 meters. The business is .25 miles away and the noise when 
I swing the beam that direction is horrendous.

I am going to chat with the owner again to see if they are open to 
having additional mitgation on the lighting like adding EMI filters. I 
feel this is the only way to resolve this. Perhaps they do in fact have 
a defective ballast or two but I think trying to pin down the noisy 
ballast in that one string will allow me to get rid of this issue once 
and for all.

Any suggestions on EMI filtering ? I have used some outboard surplus 
CORCOM filters on my house flourescent to get rid of this issue and have 
rewarding success.

Stephanie WX3K

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