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John K9UWA john at johnjeanantiqueradio.com
Sat Jul 30 17:21:37 EDT 2016

I just replaced 24 of these 48 inch flourexcent bulbs in our workshop and 
garage. I used the following LED 48 inch bulbs. 

Thinklux LED Fluorescent Replacement Tube - 4 Foot - 18 Watt - Ballast 
Bypass - DLC Qualified - Shatterproof - 4000K

Whats the difference? Well consider this. I use a Sony Transistor all band 
radio to look for noises. Sony model ICF-2001 advantage to this one is no 
automatic noise blanker in the radio. Tunes AM up through FM in AM 
SSB/CW or FM modes. In the  AM broadcast band If I got within about 20 
feet of one of the original two bulb fixtures this radio lite up all 5 bars for 
whatever that is worth in noise. No calibration of the meter. Lots of noticable 
dB's of audible noise. Vs the LED bulbs in the same fixtures. You have to 
get the antenna within a foot of the fixture before you begin hearing the 

The Ballasts are removed. Slight rewire of full AC line voltage to one end of 
the bulbs. Yes internally inside each bulb is a small switcher type supply. It 
must have some filtering as they make very little noise.

So the PRO's of these bulbs are. 
#1 very little RF noise
#2 notice they burn 17 watts of power rather than the standard 30 watt or 
more bulbs. Your Light bill just went down to HALF to burn the bulbs. 
#3 they have a 50,000 hour life rather than almost monthly I was in the 
workshop replacing at least one or two bulbs. And at least one ballast per 

It takes maybe 10 minutes per fixture to rewire and install the LED 
replacement bulbs. 

I would think that some stores where these lights burn for maybe 14 to 16 
hours per day that the electricity savings and the not having to replace the
bulbs would be enough encouragement for store owners to replace those 
noisey Flourescent bulbs / ballasts. 

In boxes of 20 bullbs per box they are $180 or $9 per bulb. Cheaper yet if 
you buy them in 100 lot purchases. 

John k9uwa

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