[RFI] Flourescent lighting

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 31 02:31:03 EDT 2016

"brought back a vivid memory from a former life, where I had to work for a
living, but not as hard as farming."

Just out of high school, I was an "assistant journeyman" (aka flunky) with 
an air
conditioning company.  We had one job of installing a large roof mounted
compressor on top of a building.  We discovered the power was on and we had
no access to the panel.  I was told, "No problem, just bang the ends of the 
together, you'll get a spark and the breaker will trip.  We'll leave a note
to reset it for maintenance".  A quick short and no power, problem solved.
About an hour in, someone climbed up on the roof and asked if we were with
the power company and if we had shut off the power for a building.  "Where?, 
"Couple blocks that way...", "Nope, just the breaker for this compressor on 
this building".  Installation done, we left. We got about a block away and 
noticed a lot of people milling around the streets.  We found out later a 
main breaker/switch for a several block area was weak and the surge tripped 
it rather than the breaker we were on, which was probably over-sized.  It 
killed several blocks.


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