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Ditto on the IOTA supplies with the IQ4 charge manager.

I've had one floating across a large deep-cycle marine
battery for years - it supplies clean 12VDC to all of
the 12v devices in the radio room.

The battery also provides power when the grid is down.

Some day I'd like to build a battery back and add some
solar PV ...

David KD4E

> +1 for that Ken. I have 2 of the DLS 55 units and they are very
> reliable. I use them to power model airplane battery chargers so the
> IOTA's run constantly at 54A just inside their current rating with no
> problems. I know the IOTA's are very clean as there is no problems
> with the chargers that use microprocessors to control the charging
> activities. I'm very happy with them.
> 73
> David Harmon K6XYZ Sperry, OK
> If you are looking for RF-quiet switching power supplies to run HF
> and VHF/UHF rigs you should take a look at what IOTA has to offer.  (
> http://www.iotaengineering.com/dls.htm).  They make small. light
> models with 15, 30, 45, 55, 75, and 90 amp outputs.  Add the IQ4
> Smart Charge Control option and you turn the unit into an automatic
> smart battery charger with four charging stages.  The IQ4 option is
> available two ways: as a module that plugs into the DLS charger or as
> an internal unit already built into the DLS.
> The units are designed so that you can, using an appropriate fuse,
> permanently attach a battery directly across the terminals.  No
> modifications are required.  This arrangment makes a nice battery
> backup/UPS system.
> Another feature is that you can parallel units with the same
> voltage/current ratings without modification.  That means you can,
> for example, parallel two DLS-55 supplies and effectively end up with
> a 12 volt, 110A power supply.  Two DLS-55 supplies cost only a little
> more than a DLS-90 (90A) yet provides more power.
> The IOTA supplies aren't "pretty" as they are designed to be mounted
> out of sight in RV and other vehicle battery compartments.  Also,
> they do not have any metering.  You just plug them in and they work,
> 24/7/365.  You can always add an inexpensive digital panel meter
> display or analog meter and mount it where convenient.
> I have had my DLS-55 for years and never give it a thought.  It is
> mounted under the operating desk and the fan is so quiet the only way
> to know the power supply is powered on and working is that the radios
> light up!   I have never detected any interference from the supply on
> the AM or FM broadcast bands, HF, VHF, or UHF.
> I have no financial interest in IOTA, just a long-term satisfied
> owner.
> Ken WA2LBI


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