[RFI] How far does RFI travel?

Dave Cole dave at nk7z.net
Mon May 9 08:39:53 EDT 2016


RFI can propagate that far, and further.  I had one RFI source 1/2 mile
away from me, that turned out to be a grow house, which was 20 over S9.
I would take baseline measurements now...  Get a feel for your RFI
environment starting today!  Start an RFI log today...



for a list of what software tools will help...

There is a good possibility your RFI background levels will increase.

Knowing what your current RFI background is today, (prior to the
subdivision going in), will help you know something has changed.  

Knowing that something has changed, will help you located what has
changed...  I would document everything that moves right now, PRIOR to
the subdivision construction, for all bands across days of time.

Maybe once a month run a sweep using the tools described.  You will
know when it is time to start locating.

We are lucky in Oregon, the state has approved pot for recreational
use, but added a full set of standards, laws, and testing to the sale
and manufacturing of the product.  That is slowly forcing grow
operations from people's garages to larger, (read that as more
professional, and thus less RFI intensive), facilities, not located in
residential areas.  In fact the power company is now limiting the
amount of power a home in a residential area can purchase.  The limit
is set so a normal home is never even close, but a grow house is
limited severely...  

This is not done because the power company is trying to limit grow
operations, it is done because the infrastructure is simply not there
right now for most residential.  This is forcing the large grow houses,
either out of town, or into industrial areas where there is power, and
away from population centers.

My RFI has dropped 2 S units in the past few months, (I live in a
residential area), starting almost to the day pot became "legal".  I
attribute this drop in RFI to the small grower is giving up and buying
pot, not growing it anymore.  I also think that the small medical
garage growers are being pushed out of the growing market due to what I
assume must now be a truly massive supply of pot being made available
because of the legal changes which have taken place in recent months. 

Good old supply and demand is now helping reduce RFI!

I suspect once pot is legalized nationally, the same trend will happen
across the country as large companies which now make cigarettes get
into the business.  The legalization has been good good for RFI in

As I tell everyone I deal with in this matter, It's not my business
what you are growing, it becomes my business if you are not RFI quiet.

73's, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)

For software/hardware reviews see:

For MixW support see:

For SSTV help see:

On Mon, 2016-05-09 at 03:21 -0400, Ray Benny wrote:
>  body {height: 100%; color:#000000; font-size:12pt; font-
> family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif;}This may seem a strange question
> to ask and there maybe many answers, so I will try to be specific as
> to what I am looking for.
> A new subdivision is being built about 1/4 mile away, east and north
> east, towards EU. The homes are custom build on 1 acre parcels. What
> I am trying to find out: can I expect my noise level to go up as more
> homes are built? 
> I spend a lot of time on 160m. I have a RX 4SQ and 2 wire beverage,
> and I do hear a number of small RFI noises in a number of directions
> from nearby homes in my rural area. Most of the time they do not
> cause any long term problems. My thought is that when new housing
> comes in, new and more electronic gadgets will be inside that can
> generate more RFI.
> I have done some RFI tracking, mostly electric fences and
> leaking/defective power line hardware, but these sources are usually
> very distinctive and usually easy to fine. Finding wall wart, LED,
> etc RFI is harder to find, especially on someone else's property.
> Another way to ask my questions: "Does this type of RFI noise
> typically radiate more than several hundred feet"?
> Any thoughts or experiences are welcome.
> Tnx & 73,
> Ray, N6VR
> Chino Valley, AZ

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