[RFI] 15 M noise

Mike Wetzel w9re at comcast.net
Wed May 18 18:32:48 EDT 2016

I have had a broadband noise only detectable on 15 meters when my top
antenna (160') is pointed NE.  It is not super strong (S6) and weaker on the
lower yagis.  I have had this noise for 8 months now and it has been  24/7,
rain or shine no change.  It sounded like power line noise but today it was
confirmed by my power company as coming from a house about 1200' away from
my antenna.  The house is in a completely underground area.  I took a K3
with a mobile antenna over in front of the offending house this afternoon
and the noise registered S6 on my K3 where normal noise was S3 and not heard
on any other bands although I did not change mobile antennas.


Does anyone have any ideas what it might be.  The utility is going to
contact the homeowner next week in my behalf.  Obviously you can see my
towers/antennas from this house.






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