[RFI] 15 M noise

Frank N. Haas KB4T utility.rfi.pro at gmail.com
Thu May 19 13:06:02 EDT 2016

Even if the utility says the source is located on private property, do what
you can to confirm this. I'm not knocking anyone by suggesting this. It's
important to be certain.

If you confirm the source is situated on private property, start simple and
low key and gauge the reaction you get. I agree that the utility should
stay out of this. They don't have jurisdiction. Their assertion will only
muddy the waters. Another reason to confirm for yourself.

If possible, try to survey the property from outside. An outside survey is
less intrusive and could lead to a useful conclusion. Using a portable
receiver it may be possible to determine in which part of the structure the
source may be located. Allow the property owner to accompany you on the
survey. They can advise what sort of electronics might be in the room with
the greatest signal strength.

If an inside survey is not permitted, and the source isn't silenced by
voluntary action, it may be time to start the acronym labyrinth.

No matter what sort of reaction you get from the property owner, courtesy,
respect, positive attitude, politeness are the rules...ALWAYS. The
rules/regulations/laws may be on your side but the resolution could involve
an infinite variety of delays and obstacles. No matter which acronym gets
involved, nothing will happen quickly and anger and rudeness only show that
process down further.

Please do share your progress and/or results. A case like yours can be very
useful and educational to others.

I hope the property owner is cooperative and the resolution is rapid. But
expect the unexpected and assume nothing.


Frank N Haas KB4T
Utility RFI Investigator

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