[RFI] Noise - where do I start? - Follow Up 10/04/16

thoyer thoyer1 at verizon.net
Tue Oct 4 19:24:23 EDT 2016

Well, since I originally posted about the noise issues I was having, they
seem to have subsided. I have been pretty busy over the last 10 days but
tried to make it a point to check the radio as much as possible just to
listen for a minute or so to see it it was still there. For the last week, I
have not heard anything like what I was hearing a couple weeks back
Late last week I spoke with another ham in my neighborhood and asked him if
he has had any noise issues. He told me he has not been on HF since the
spring so he couldn't comment on the noise levels. BUT..... he did tell me
that the utility company has been replacing lines thoughout our neighborhood
over the last few weeks. I'm hoping that the reduction in noise I am seeing
is a result of them replacing something going bad.
For now.....
Thanks for all of the suggestions, I appreciate it greatly!


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These are very challenging sources, especially when they are inside of a
home and intermittent.  All is made worse by one's limited operating time.
I can remember a VHF Contest one year where I had about 10 hours to operate.
Noise obliterated my chances of having fun.  By chance, the next day I
happened through the shack and turned on the radios for a few minutes and
found no noise, but I had no time.SIGH!



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Hi Gordon, 


Can't say for sure about the solar panels. I'll have to take a tour of the
neighborhood with a portable.


About 10 minutes after I made the posting, noise stopped. All bands returned
to the noise level I'm accustomed to. 


I would think that would rule out a utility issue which is too bad as my
local utility is usually very responsive to these things. Would have been a
couple phone calls to get into the que.....


Looks like tours of the area and some logging of when I hear the noise is in
order. My radio play time is very limited so finding a trend may take some
time / effort on my part.


Thanks for the insight.








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Needed more coffee...

Saw the video.   Do your neighbors have new solar panels?

Inverters on the panels could be in play.  Does it quiet down after dusk?

Try taking a portable radio for a walk.

A Kenwood TH-F6A in SSB mode can be handy both with the internal AM bar
antenna and a whip.


Gordon Beattie,  W2TTT 


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From:"thoyer" <thoyer1 at verizon.net>
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Subject:[RFI] Noise - where do I start?

Haven't been active much of the summer. In the recent weeks I started
noticing a very broad band noise. 

Link to a video file (large). www.thdesignsinc.com/noise

There are times when it totally disappears but I have not spent enough
time(yet) noting when I hear it and when I don't.

I shut down the power in the house and only had the radio plugged in - no

Looking to be pointed in the right direction - power line noise or possibly


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