[RFI] A note from Sangean about switching power supplies

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It is interesting that they warn you about that... but a company making a radio should at least try to choose a wart that is quiet.

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I’m looking through the online operating manual for a Sangean AM/FM radio I’m interested in buying, and I came across this little note in the Cautions section. I didn’t know about the “background” cited, and I do find Sangean very responsible to print this.

Howard N7SO


Sangean suggests that you keep your AC Adapter at least 12 inches away from the radio while listening to the AM Band.
Your Sangean Radio is powered by an AC adapter which is a “switching” or “switch-mode” type. The DOE (Department Of Energy) has a Federal mandate requiring all manufacturers to use this type of power supply. This newer power saving technology has the unfortunate side effect of causing interference to the AM radio band. 
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