[RFI] Sigh...an interesting reply from a solar company.

Howard Lester howard220 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 08:50:40 EST 2017


It’d appear to me he answered your question as worded. Your intention was to ask about mitigation of RFI that may be generated by the solar installation. You did not specify that, asking only about RFI in general. He appears to have interpreted your question as “Does the solar installation suffer from RFI that may be generated in its vicinity?” You may want to reword your question and try again. 

Howard N7SO

> Recently, I sent the following questions by e-mail to a Solar power company, Solarworld.
> First, my questions.
> "Does your company have anyone amongst the technical staff who has any 
> experience with mitigation of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)? Do you cover 
> possible RFI issues in your installation contracts?"
> Here is the very interesting  response, a response which, essentially, answered my 
> questions:
> "Hello Kenneth,
> Thank you for contacting SolarWorld.
> Our company only manufactures the Solar panel which does not have any 
> communication components.
> As far as RFI blocking the solar energy from reaching the module, I am unaware of 
> any related issues.
> Please let me know if you have heard of anything related to RFI and power 
> production of a solar module.
> Warm regards,
> Steve Sefchick
> Product Training Specialist
> NABCEP-Certified PV Installer
> SolarWorld Americas
> Office. 503.693.5299
> technicalsupport at solarworld.com
> www.solarworld.com"
> All I can say is, "Ye gods!" If this is the sort of Technical Support one can expect 
> from these fly-by-night solar power companies, we are in very serious trouble.
> Ken W7EKB

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