[RFI] Opinions Please

Karin Johnson karinann at tampabay.rr.com
Mon May 1 12:28:03 EDT 2017

Hello Group:
I have a request for opinions on the appropriate amount of time for an RFI
issue to be resolved.
I live in an HOA community, which has what might be called "decorative"
street lighting.  I say 
decorative because the county already has regular sodium vapor street
lighting which are on poles
mounted about 25 feet above grade.  The so called decorative lighting is
commercial grade black
Vertical mercury vapor poles about 10 feet in height with the lamp on the
very top.  My issue is
that a string these lights (about 6 of them) are radiating RFI because some
the mercury vapor starters
are malfunctioning.  The RFI levels at my location approach -40 dBm at times
on a frequency span from
6 MHz to about 15 MHz.  This measured on a good Tektronix spectrum analyzer
attached to my 40M dipole.
This RFI is on continuously all day long, and has been an issue for about
three weeks now. I've emailed
the property management group for status and so far all they have told me is
that the problem will be solved
as soon as possible.  I've DF'd the problem lighting so am pretty confident
that is the source. 

Now to the opinion question.  What is group's opinion on what time frame,
issues like this should be solved??
One solution might be to just turn the things off until a fix is proposed.
But the management group might
Say the lighting is required for public safety even though there are other
street lighting available.
Sort of a conundrum???   What say??

Karin Anne Johnson   K3UU 

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