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Dave Cole dave at nk7z.net
Mon May 1 12:38:21 EDT 2017


I would start a log, keep track of everything I said and did...  I would 
build a library of proof that the lights are the cause.  I would keep 
audio recordings.  I would also take a wideband spectrogram, (see my web 
page at http://www.nk7z.net for how that works), and create a library of 
them for each band.

I would then give them one month additional month, and if no 
communications is forthcoming, (from them, on their own), then I would 
complain to the ARRL, with documentation, logs of all contact attempts 
you have made, and audio/video recordings etc., asking for help.

The ARRL can give you a great deal of guidance...

73s and thanks,

On 05/01/2017 09:28 AM, Karin Johnson wrote:
> Hello Group:
> I have a request for opinions on the appropriate amount of time for an RFI
> issue to be resolved.
> I live in an HOA community, which has what might be called "decorative"
> street lighting.  I say
> decorative because the county already has regular sodium vapor street
> lighting which are on poles
> mounted about 25 feet above grade.  The so called decorative lighting is
> commercial grade black
> Vertical mercury vapor poles about 10 feet in height with the lamp on the
> very top.  My issue is
> that a string these lights (about 6 of them) are radiating RFI because some
> the mercury vapor starters
> are malfunctioning.  The RFI levels at my location approach -40 dBm at times
> on a frequency span from
> 6 MHz to about 15 MHz.  This measured on a good Tektronix spectrum analyzer
> attached to my 40M dipole.
> This RFI is on continuously all day long, and has been an issue for about
> three weeks now. I've emailed
> the property management group for status and so far all they have told me is
> that the problem will be solved
> as soon as possible.  I've DF'd the problem lighting so am pretty confident
> that is the source.
> Now to the opinion question.  What is group's opinion on what time frame,
> issues like this should be solved??
> One solution might be to just turn the things off until a fix is proposed.
> But the management group might
> Say the lighting is required for public safety even though there are other
> street lighting available.
> Sort of a conundrum???   What say??
> Karin Anne Johnson   K3UU
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