[RFI] A "new" RFI

Kenneth G. Gordon kgordon2006 at frontier.com
Tue May 2 18:53:06 EDT 2017

On 2 May 2017 at 11:57, JW wrote:

> Good point Ken/LBI.
> Ken W7EKB, what time did this start last night?

I don't remember exactly, but some time around 9:00 PM

> And, did it cut off this morning?


I had to go to a meeting in Lewiston with my wife and one of our daughters, about 30 miles 
away, today, and we only returned about 1:30 PM or so.

I went to the shack about 2:00 or so, and found the noise still there.

I did some testing, finding the noise on 80, 40, and 20, then went back to 40 meters to 
attempt to send some digital traffic to one of our hub stations.

Shortly after I began to do that, the noise changed character, becoming interspersed with 
pops and crackles, then suddenly quit!!!

I passed the traffic successfully.

I am now going to go get some batteries for my small DF receiver, and start making some 
charts on which I can write the necessary data, time, frequencies, directions, etc.

I built one of Tom Thompson's link-coupled-loops a couple of years ago and will use it with 
my FT-890 in our car as soon as I can.

I also have a working Stoddart NM-20B "Noise and Interference Meter" which I will use 
when it becomes necessary. The only trouble with the Stoddart is that it takes a good 30 
minutes to set it up for each reading, but it works so well, that effort is worthwhile.

I'll keep the forum informed once I get at it, and thanks for the advice and concern. It is very 
nice to have this wonderful resource.

vy 73 for now,


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