[RFI] "New" RFI - solution?

Kenneth G. Gordon kgordon2006 at frontier.com
Wed May 3 12:31:46 EDT 2017

OK. This is really strange, but I ***think*** things are back to normal.

Yesterday, after we had returned from a meeting in a town about 30 miles away, I began to 
gather all my DF gear to begin tracking this crap down.

While I was doing that and after checking that the +40 dB over S-9 noise was still on 80, a 
bit lower on 40 and still very noticeable (+10 dB over S-9) on 20, I was listening on 80 
meters to it.

Suddenly, the character of the noise began to change, slowly tapering off, to a series of 
crackles, then periodic pops, then....dead silence.!!!!

I was mystified. 

Now I suspect that either some animal or large bird, or perhaps a tree branch, had gotten 
across the 13.6 KV HV power line running down our alley, and it took a day or two for it to 
finally burn away and clear itself.

I operated as usual last night, and again this morning and the noise is still gone.

Although I am keeping my fingers crossed, I am continuing to prepare my DF gear for a 
possible return of the garbage.

My noise level is back to normal, and, so far, has remained there.



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