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Joe w7rkn.7 at gmail.com
Tue May 30 13:01:59 EDT 2017

I also build all my own workstations.  Only my server is a factory unit.


It has been my experience, the main cause of RFI is the power supply.  I
have never had a monitor (LCD/LED) generate any RFI.  My radio sits right
over my desk's workstation.  The amplifier (Henry 2KD Classic/export) is
right next to the computer.


I have ***NO*** RFI what-so-ever.  (from this setup.)  A year or so ago, my
then new, (Now gone!!) , next door neighbor had Best Buy, deliver a big, 70"
Plasma TV.  Uh Oh, trouble in River City!  


L  Yup, It ripped the shreds out of my RF signal.


So...I suddenly had many, MANY, 6 meter conversations with a good friend in
the next valley over, who is a 6 meter aficionado, (sic) during prime time
television.  We were getting ready for the, then,  upcoming 6 meter windows
of opportunities!  J


3 days later, the Best Buy truck was back, with a different TV.  An LG 70"
LED model.  The plasma was boxed up and loaded back into the delivery truck.
No more RFI!!  


(I just love 6 meters.  Best plasma RFI cure around!   J J J  )


Joe - W7RKN


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On 30 May 2017 at 6:20, Roger (K8RI) wrote:


> I know this sounds trite, but get a good computer.


I've got one. I build all my own computers (6 in the house so far) and
always use top-notch components.


>  I'm running two

> monsters in full size, steel tower cases within 3 feet of the rigs, 

> USB cables and standard serial cables (com1 and com 2). I have no 

> interference and no chokes on any of the lines.  The 75/40 sloping 

> dipole is about 60 feet from the computers.  O Desktop computers (PCs) 

> typically use plastic cabinets and inexpensive power supplies. The 

> same goes for network interface cards.




> It's often not just the cables that radiate, but the computer itself 

> with the plastic cabinet makes for no attenuation to signals from 

> inside the computer.


Yes. Mine are all steel.


> Jim Brown (K9YC) has an excellent page on grounding and choking, but 

> with plastic cases...who knows.




> Antennas are 60 feet of more distant, but a fire in the RX coax 

> connector doesn't hear the computers either.


My antenna (the only one I presently have) is at least 50 feet from my


It appears that all my present RFI is coming from the monitor. I'll get that
fixed later this week.





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