[RFI] Growing RFI problem from SolarEdge systems

Randy Standke r55stan at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 11:52:41 EST 2017

SolarEdge continues to install solar power systems that generate huge
amounts of interference to amateur radio.  This is illegal according to FCC
Part 15 rules.  Regardless of what standards a manufacturer claims their
equipment meets, their equipment may not cause harmful interference to a
licensed radio service.  There is a lot of misinformation out there saying
that ham radio operators are out of luck if solar equipment is generating
RFI.  This is not true!  There are no FCC "exemptions" for solar power.  You
can complain, and you can get it corrected.


How do you know RFI you are experiencing is from SolarEdge?  The
characteristics of SolarEdge RFI are signals every 200 kHz.  Typical
frequencies are 14.199, 21.199, 21.399, etc.  They can exist from 3 - 54 MHz
at these 200 kHz intervals, but tend to be strongest in the 14 - 22 MHz
range.  Very strong cases may also have signals at 100 kHz intervals.  They
are absent at night.  SolarEdge signals make a "blowing" sound when you tune
to their frequencies.  For example, tune to 14.198 in USB mode and this will
center the audio around 1 kHz.


Who to complain to:

Gruber, Mike W1MG mgruber at arrl.org <mailto:mgruber at arrl.org> 

File a complaint with the FCC at https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us


Best of luck with your RFI issues and 73,


Randy Standke, KQ6RS

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