[RFI] Growing RFI problem from SolarEdge systems

Tony dxdx at optonline.net
Sat Nov 11 19:58:20 EST 2017


My experience with Solar Edge has been dismal. It was only when I 
threatened to file a complaint with the FCC did they finally make a 
move. The RFI began the day their solar panel system was installed at my 
neighbors home in August, 2016.

After countless conversations between the installer and manufacture, I 
sent an email to the CTO of Solar Edge, Ilan Yoscovich, stating that I 
was going to file a formal complaint with the FCC. A few days later, I 
received a phone call from a Mr. Simpson, their in-house RFI engineer, 
who stated the problem will be fixed promptly.

For those having issues with Solar Edge products, Mr. Simpson's number 
is: 510 498 3200 ext. 762
His email address is: Tom.Simpson at solaredge.com. Tom handles all 
SolarEdge RFI issues.

Mr. Yoscovich, the CTO of SolarEdge, can be reached at: 
Ilan.Yoscovich at solaredge.com

For those who wish to see spectral screenshots of the solar panel RFI, 
please contact me direct. The noise is a mix over carriers and other 
interference spaced every 10 to 15 kHz apart.

Tony -K2MO

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