[RFI] Growing RFI problem from Solar systems - Sun Run ???

HP pfizenmayer at q.com
Sat Nov 11 22:19:23 EST 2017

Anybody have any TECHNICAL contacts for SunRun. When I contacted the California home office I got absolutely nowhere - unless you count them calling the installers and tell them I was complaining about the noise they were making in the installation. Talking to the installers was about as productive - blank stares for the most part - one guy volunteered -Our systems have filters , you will have no problem. I am ready to start the FCC process -I have extensive data- P3 screen grabs of many conditions . This system has peaks every 16 khz with fine spikes in those peaks every 120 hz or so. that seem to dither a bit some of the time.and appears it is worse when feeding power to APS now that the heavy A/C in Phoneix has dropped way off . The interference is much worse between 24 to 30 mhz essentially "OK" or buried in all the other noise on 14 mhz and below Hank K7HP ----- Original Message -----
> Good job! I try as often as possible to involve the manufacture as
> well!
> If it happens enough they will start paying attention to the issues at
> hand!
> 73s and thanks,
> Dave
> NK7Z
> http://www.nk7z.net
> On 11/11/2017 04:58 PM, Tony wrote:
> > All:
> >
> > My experience with Solar Edge has been dismal. It was only when I
> > threatened to file a complaint with the FCC did they finally make a
> > move. The RFI began the day their solar panel system was installed
> > at my
> > neighbors home in August, 2016.
> >
> >

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