[RFI] Comcast - 80 meters rings phones

Dave Hachadorian k6ll.dave at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 13:10:14 EST 2017

Also, if he is using a DECT6 phone system, the master phone unit 
could be the problem, ringing itself and all of the slaves.  Try 
temporarily disconnecting the master, and temporarily substitute 
a conventional phone in that position to see if it rings.  If the 
master phone is the problem, put another 7-turn choke on the 
phone line right at the master, and the power supply right at the 

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

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I am working with another ham to solve his unusual RFI issue.

He uses Comcast for internet, TV and phones. When he is on 80 
meters, it
rings the phones in his house.

He hasn't tried anything, yet, to cure the problem.

Suggestions ?

Steve, N2IC
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