[RFI] RFI and AT&T high speed internet?

Dennis Monticelli dennis.monticelli at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 23:19:44 EST 2017

What experiences have people had using AT&T's high speed internet service,
particularly in the SF Bay Area?  Both RFI from and RFI to the system are
of concern. I am contemplating getting an install.

My HF ham antennas are balanced wires fed by ladder line to a well balanced
tuner.  These are located right over the roof, hence a near field situation
that has caused problems in the past with TV, phones and the security alarm
system.  I operate on all the HF bands.  I am quite familiar with the
suppression of common mode currents via ferrite chokes.

Here's some background on my situation. In my residential area there is
AT&T fiber to a neighborhood gateway about a city clock away.  Twisted
pairs for both POTS/DSL and their high speed service (formerly called
Uverse) then carry the signal to access points near the individual homes.
I do not have a high speed run yet  to the house itself (no RG-6 or Cat5).
I am currently on DSL via POTS and co-exist with it pretty well. TV is via
satellite. I am concerned that the higher HF frequencies used by the
proposed new system will have an adverse effect on reception and that I
might also interfere with the service itself when running power.

Any feedback folks could provide would be useful?


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